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MLM Payment Processing / Multi Level Marketing Credit Card and Electronic Check Merchant

Multi level marketing or MLM business models are considered high-risk because of the charge-back ratio involved with certain practices incorporated into the industry. It is very difficult, if not impossible to obtain a regular low-risk merchant account from a domestic bank because of the risk involved. Whether you offer an affilate program or a referral program, your business is considered an MLM.

If recurring billing or monthly subscriptions are required for membership – or to receive commissions or bonuses, this is considered to be high-risk by any domestic bank. At OffShorePaymentProcessing.Com we understand how important it is to your multi level marketing business to know that your payment processing needs are being handled by industry experts and your money is available in your account as quickly as possible.


We offer all types of MLM merchant account payment processing services including US merchant accounts, Canadian merchant accounts, European Union and international merchant accounts for offshore payment processing. E-checks or electronic check processing online, ACH & guarantee check services are also available for online check acceptance.

Whether your multi level marketing business is an existing MLM business requiring a high risk MLM merchant account or you are starting a new MLM business, we can help. Utilizing our ongoing relationships with several international and domestic banks worldwide, we can place your high-risk MLM business with an offshore processing bank and give you the ability to accept credit card payments or Echecks in no time.

Our highly specialized high-risk merchant account expertise, along with years of multi level marketing merchant account experience in the high-risk off shore merchant account services industry is second to none. We pride ourselves in being able to match your business model needs with the right international or domestic merchant account processing bank. No other company can do what we can to help you find the right MLM merchant account services for your business. When it comes to finding an offshore merchant account, high-risk merchant account, or an international merchant account, look no further. You have arrived !